Beginning of 2016, my parents moved.

Needless to say, I gave them some help to sort out their stuff, and throw away the unneeded.

In my bedroom, everything was still there, untouched.

Long forgotten in my cupboard, my Sanyo PHC 28-S, a pile of MicroMSX magazines, and my notebook —sort of a scrapbook of photos of home-computers, collected in advertising catalogues, carefully annotated with the specifications, plus some listings, BASIC tricks, and so on…

Yeah, it was 1983, I was 12 years old, Wargames was on show, the C-64 was selling like hotcakes, Space Invaders everywhere, and I was dreaming of computers.

A whole week-end, full of nostalgy, digging into memories.

Back to now,

I’m currently working as Senior Software Engineer at STMicroelectronics, working in the Embedded Computing Solutions organization, this team being accountable for the architecture, the design, the marketing and the support of the STxP70 processor and associated tools.

The STxP70 processor is a proprietary, cost-effective, configurable and customizable synthesizable dual-issue in-order 32–bit RISC core, supported by a comprehensive state–of–the–art development toolset.

I’ve been contributing for more than 10 years in the various components of the STxP70 Toolset, incl. simulation, Nexus 5001™ tracing, and profiling software.

Outside of work, I’m the webmaster of my scubadiving club, l’ESSOR Grenoblois.

Or you may find me backcountry skiing, or cycling somewhere near Grenoble, depending on the season, and when I can spare some time.

Because I’m the lucky dad of two lovely boys, and this is indeed a full time job !

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